Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chew On This Until August!

Relax! We did not get this sandwich in Waterbury. This beast is the Woody Allen Sandwich from Carnegie Deli in New York City. After a heated debate about whether to go with the Reuben or the giant stack of pastrami and corned beef you see to your left, we went with the stack. Scott couldn't resist.

All I'm saying is that together, were able to finish it. PLUS we had some fries and blueberry blintzes. Think you're up to the challenge?

I would also like to say that Waterbury Foodies, even though just launched, is taking a brief (2 month) sabbatical. I am away on business, by which I mean "getting to know" the people, language, and culture of Puerto Rico, by which I mean eating, laying on the beach, following some doctors, and more eating. Work will be done at some point, I swear. Scott has the monster task of finishing the stockpile of food in our pantry, as well as planning for his own visit to La Isla del Encanto.

So for now, thanks for visiting us, and let us know about any Waterbury food finds, we'll be sure to partake when we are back!

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