Friday, September 12, 2008

Overheard in Panera

I've had a hectic few weeks trying to make up all of the work I missed while in Ireland. But luckily I am entirely caught up, so now I have more time for Waterbury restaurants again!

Today I had an hour to kill, so I went to Panera to grab some food and use the internet. Unfortunately it was not working, so I mainly listened to other people's conversations while munching on my creamy tomato soup and tomato, basil, and cheese panini combo (yum). Here were some of the highlights...

"So I says to her, 'Get a job?! But you're married! How can you have a job when you're a wife?!'?"
"Well, what are you gonna do? It's what all the girls are doing these days."
-2 women well into their golden years

(flirty) "No, I swear, my wife is gonna be out of time next week... She's not gonna find out, you're panicking... Come on, just come have lunch with me and we'll talk about it, I miss you."
-man on phone

"Well I'll tell you what...he's got a grill on his balcony and that's totally illegal in an apartment building like that. I'm gonna call the cops. That'll show him to mess with me!"
-an eccentric middle aged woman

And my all-time favorite:

"Nice sandwich..."
-Perhaps the single worst pick-up line I've ever heard in my life, by a 20 something male to a young woman who way out of his league. I practically choked on my food, but she clearly did not think it was as funny as I did.

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C said...

hi. i was born and raised in new britain. i always have a look out for anyone from near that area and so when i saw your snippet as a comment on the grinders review, i HAD to write and say helloooooo. i have a blog and on it i have "oh, to eat grinders and pizza from the east coast again...." above my name. when i was little, my dad would take me to little grinder shops on the way to downtown new britain, or we'd go out for pizza at a little place near st. andrews church. i have never had pizza like that, anywhere else. and no one really knows about grinders, here in nebraska. are you guys familiar with new britain, at all? my aunt rose lived in waterbury and thats where my dads family was born, and raised. i dont remember much as we moved away when i was 9. but i do remember my old address 129 rocky hill avenue, in new britain. it was the projects back then. and there was the strand, movie theater, and the palace. i went to smith school. and lincoln elementary. anyhoo, dont mean to talk your heads off, just wanted to say hi, it isnt often i run in anyone from my neck of the woods. i enjoy your blog and have added it to my favorites.
were you born there?
my addy is
i'm chris. bahbye.